All of our facials are custom designed for your skin. Your treatment will begin with a skin diagnosis, and a treatment plan will be developed to address your skin’s needs. (Please allow an extra 15 min for this).

Facials make (and keep) skin healthy along with improving the overall appearance of your skin by helping in increasing blood circulation, flushing out of impurities, rejuvenating and hydrating, absorbing excess sebum, oxygenating and uplifting of facial muscles and improving penetration, scars and pigmentation. Facials also help the cell structure to hold essential moisture leaving the skin soft, smooth and glowing – boosting your self-esteem and confidence.

At G&G Skin Clinic, we fully customise the treatment plan for every client based upon their skin type and condition. With Professional product formulations, treatments and the latest skin technology that we use – your skin can get into its perfect shape in no time. Healthier and more energised skin, improved texture and luminosity are but a few of the benefits you achieve.

Hydra Face Treatment
60min | $129
Hydra face treatment is the latest in aesthetic technology to polish, refine and hydrate the skin in the one treatment. Effectively removing dead skin cell buildup on the skin surface while the water dermabrasion treatment cleanses the skin further and provides hydration with vital nutrients such as antioxidants and peptides. This is the perfect treatment for those seeking radiance and smoothness.
LED Facial
45min | $79
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The LED Light facial uses deep penetrating LED is a non-invasive treatment that works at a cellular level to induce dermal blood flow into the skin, accelerate the skin healing process, reduce inflammation, reduce acne breakouts and stimulate collagen production depending on the colour of light used. BENEFITS: Accelerate healing, Reduce inflammation, Reduce acne and breakouts, No Downtime, Stimulate collagen production.
Deep Cleansing Facial / Ampoule Infusion
60min | Oily | Acne Prone Skin | $99
A deep cleansing facial is a multi-step skin treatment process including cleansing, face mask, and exfoliating serum treatments. The focus of this treatment is to deeply clean the pores to draw out impurities and buildup of oil, toxins, dirt, and bacteria from the skin. Consider it a detox for your skin!
Anti Ageing Facial
60min | $169
Anti aging facials use products and techniques designed to slow the aging process, brighten the skin, and reduce wrinkles. Facials are designed to rejuvenate skin with all elements, from exfoliation, to moisturizing to massage improving circulation together to improve the skin’s texture
Ayurvedic Facial
40min | $99
An Ayurvedic facial is a relaxing, purifying, nourishing, hydrating and rejuvenating experience. It leaves you with a luminous glow you've always dreamed of with. OMVEDA AYURVED SKINCARE
Oxygenation treatment
60min | $129
Oxygenation is the newest generation in hydrating facial treatment for skin exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells from the skin surface), improving skin oxygen levels via oxygenation and infusion of valuable ingredients to enrich the skin layers, all the things skin loves! It combines deep exfoliation, infusion, oxygenation, and optionally, skin tightening you can expect a smoother complexion and younger looking skin immediately
Microdermabrasion Treatment
60min | $129
Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin-related concerns and conditions.
RF Skin Tightening
45min | $139
Radio-frequency skin tightening is an aesthetic technique that uses radio-frequency energy to heat tissue and stimulates subdermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. The technique induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastin.
Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
45min | $89
The Derma Skin Scrubber Pen is the newest generation of microdermabrasion. This component won't cause redness and doesn't require any downtime! It also provides an intense micro-massage to heat the skin tissue which, in turn, stimulates blood flow. The skin scrubber also helps aid in the penetration of skin care products into the deeper levels of skin tissue, accelerating blood circulation and strengthening skin tissue metabolism.
Skin Needling
30min | $219
Skin needling (aka collagen induction therapy) is a natural way to induce collagen and elastin production for all skin types. Our state-of-the-art cosmetic micro-needling device will encourage cell renewal and repair damaged skin caused by scarring, pigment or ageing skin. Multiple treatments over a period will help to strengthen the epidermis leaving you with improved skin texture and tone. As the needles on the cosmetic micro-needling device can be adjusted to reach varied depths, skin needling is safe and an effective treatment for all parts of the body. Our treatments can be tailored to suit your individual needs and skin goals. Skin needling can be customised to treat all skin tones from fair to dark
Back facial
45min | $199
A back facial is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: the process of attending to the skin on your back in the same way one would typically attend to their face in a spa setting. Back facials also include an extraction process to clear out blocked pores and reduce the severity of any present back acne
Mesotherapy Super Facial is a method of painlessly delivering a substance just below the skin surface where it can work to do such things as increase collagen, improve fine lines and wrinkles, and decrease pore size. Our skin has a very effective outer protective layer called the epidermis or more specifically the stratum corneum layer of the epidermis. This prevents most topical creams from penetrating to the level of the skin where they are designed to work making them virtually ineffective.

Addons (To Any Facial Treatment)

Esthamax Jelly Mask
Customised Sheet Mask

Cosmedix Medi Facials

Medi Facial
60min | $149
A medi facial is a results driven treatment using medical strength products and equipment. Medi facials aid all skin issues, including acne, scarring, pigment spots, sun damage, dehydration, rosacea and broken capillaries. They also improve the tone, texture, and collagen and elastin production in the skin, thus slowing down ageing. Medi facials are personalised to each skin type, as all skins are different and react differently to treatment.

Addons (To Any Facial Treatment)

Medi Glow
Medi clear
Medi detox

Signature Facials

Gold facial
90min | $179
The 24k Gold Facial uses a gel of pure 24k gold. This is a luxurious and relaxing treatment, which includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage and two 24k gold masks. Gold is well known for its ability to remove toxins. It helps to repair oxidation damage and helps to improve the appearance of age spots by helping to slow the creation of melanin, accelerating cell renewal and decreasing skin inflammation. The 24k Gold Facial assists in lymphatic drainage and by improved blood circulation, whilst helping to enhance skin elasticity
Silver Facial
90min | $169
This 7-step facial is formulated to hydrate and reduce the dryness level of normal to dry and sensitive skin. This facial provides optimum moisture and intense nourishment to skin. It also calms and soothes sensitive skin, thus making the skin relieved and radiant
Diamond facial
60min | $149
This 6 step facial to restore softness, smoothness, resilience and radiance with diamond gel. The unique ingredients give the skin renewed energy and will leave your skin feeling revitalised and rejuvenated.
Vitamin C Facial
60min | $149
This relaxing vitamin C facial will help give your skin a healthy and radiant glow, targeting wrinkles, uneven skin colour and sun damage. Vitamin C provides a range of benefits, including increasing hydration, increasing your own natural collagen and elastin production. Treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, Vitamin C infusion, serum, massage, moisturiser and sun protection