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a dream that became reality.

It is time to put yourself first and invest in some of the better things in life.
At Glimmer & Glow, we take care of you by guiding you on the path of self-care and absolute skin health. Our customised treatment plans are based on the client’s skin-type and condition and with the use of the latest technology and products, you can get your skin the eternal glow it needs.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simply to make your skin beautiful, share the practice of mindful beauty while providing exceptional service.

About the team

Every member of the Glimmer & Glow team is carefully trained to ensure that they enhance and complement the environment that has been carefully designed for our precious clientele. We understand the importance of overall wellness that comes with taking great care of your skin. Our team combines 15 years of experience together and is committed to providing the highest quality treatments, services, and techniques using only the best products available in the beauty market.


Glimpse into
our Salon

We invite you to our salon to explore all the latest hair and skincare trends, immerse you in an experience that gives not only the best skin, but also confidence to feel great inside and out.

The place is a safe space where our team gets a chance to showcase their craft, connect with clients and encourage meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

We are a hygienic and well-maintained space, using only the highest quality materials for our equipment, machines, materials, and skincare products. We do not compromise on quality.

of the
Art Machinery.
The team at Glimmer and Glow intends to help every client achieve their beauty goals as quickly as possible. We have made sure to have the state-of-the-art equipment for better consultation and best treatments.The list includes machinery like the Dermalux Flex, Hydra Machine and Steamer, Skin Needling, and HIFU.

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